Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9,2013

We are starting to fill in our days with lots of interesting things and go to bed tired and happy to be busy.  We gave talks this week in church.  I talked on Missionary Work and Roger talked on Temple Marriage.  I think that we did fine and now we won't have to give talks for awhile.

We are enjoying the Mormon Battalion more and more each time we go.  We love the couples.  They are wonderful - each in different ways!  We love the Sisters!  Oh they are cute and fun and loving and smart and kind............  They love us too and show it so abundantly.  They are so much better at giving the tours than we are.  We have had several of them take us aside and have us practice with them and then tell us what we can do better and what we did right.  They all think I am so lucky to have Roger for a husband.  They watch us carefully and notice everything we do.  I think it helps us step up in how we treat each other and it is lots of fun.

The miracles are there at the Mormon Battalion everyday.  Tuesdays are the Sister's Pday and so we have to take care of the Battalion with the other Senior Couples for the day.  It is a long day - from 8 - 5.  Today we had the equipment go down.  As luck would have it Roger was the one giving the tour.  He sat there in the dark and had to tell the people what they would have seen in each room.  He said it worked out OK because the men had lots of questions about the church and he was able to talk to them and answer them specifically.  The couple elders started working on the equipment madly hoping to get it going before more visitors came.  The couple sisters wondered what we could do to help.  We went into the other room and had a prayer for the equipment and our husbands that it would get working soon.  We also prayed that those who were planning on coming to the MB would have their plans delayed so they could see the presentation.  There is such a strong spirit with it.  It took about almost an hour for things to get running again and only one couple came during that time.  As soon as things were running again we got visitors coming in consistently.  The Lord is in the details.

We have visited and helped many people in our ward.  We are learning to know them better and to love them.  We enjoy serving and teaching them.  They have such good hearts.

We had our first visitors a week ago. Roger's friend Gary Snyder and his wife Lynette came to San Diego and spent last Sunday with us.  They came to our wonderful ward and then to our house for dinner.  We don't have tons of stuff here to cook with so it was a bit of an adventure to have some one over for dinner.  But it worked and was so much fun to have them here.  We took them over to the Mormon Battalion after and got them on a tour.

We love our friends and miss you.  We would love to hear from you.  My email is martsyg@gmail.com. 

From Preach My Gospel : There is no more compelling work than this, nor any which brings greater satisfaction  We challenge you to rise to a new sense of commitment to assist our Father in Heaven. 

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