Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 11, 2014

We are sitting here in our little apartment for the last night.  Our apartment is a mess with boxes packed awaiting our move.  When we came we had one car full of stuff and we will be moving out with a whole truck full of stuff!  We have to move all of the furniture, dishes, etc. that we rent from the church while here because they are going to retire this apartment and we are opening a new apartment.  We have a lady in our ward with a truck and have elders set to help us get everything down our 3 flights of stairs and out loaded in the truck and then we have ward members and our missionaries from our ward coming to help us to get it back up to the 3rd floor of our new building.  Oh - can't wait for tomorrow to be over!  Don't like moving much.  But having a whole slew of strong young elders ready to help will make a great difference.

OH  I just came on to start a new post and realized that I didn't send the one I made last week… Oops!  So here it is.  The next one for this week will be off soon.

Tomorrow we will start our day with going to a training to be ushers at the Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park.  Then we will be able to usher for plays that are shown there - like we did for "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".  It will be a good event for us to rub shoulders with lots of good people.  We are in training from 9 - 12:30 and then we will be able to start our move.

This week has been good.  It has been good to be back in a routine after the Holidays.  We have worked a little more at the Mormon Battalion this week.  One of the couples at the MB helps the mission presidents wife cook the meals for the new missionaries when they arrive.  So we were able to do their shift this week on Tuesday.  That is the Sister's P day and so we were there with all of the other couples.  We are able to do tours then and it was fun to take people through.  I had some great groups and it was fun to be one on one with the people.  I gave a tour to a grandma, mom and daughter from the Ukraine.  Such beautiful women and so refined.  They loved the tour and the message of the tour and said they would be back with the mom's husband.  She left her name and email and wants to have the elders visit her in her home but wants her husband to come first.  We talked for about a half hour after the tour about the church and I was able to bear my testimony.  We have been in many meetings to prepare for some of the big events coming up with the MB.

The next one coming up is the Commemoration of the Mormon Battalion on the 25th of January.  It will be a full day!  It starts with the rededication of Fort Stockton.  It is the fort where the Mormon Battalion lived while in Old Town.  There is a huge mosaic mural there depicting the Mormon Battalion as they arrived here in California on January 27, 1847.  There are also a couple of monuments honoring the women who marched with the Battalion.  A while ago it was vandalized and we have worked hard to get it cleaned up and looking good.  After the rededication we will have a parade reenacting the Mormon Battalion entering the area. Lots of missionaries will march in that along with descendants of the Mormon Battalion soldiers.  Then there will be lots of booths - biscuit on a stick, dutch oven cook off, rope making, doll making and lots of other pioneer activities.  It will be a fun crazy busy day and we are looking forward to all the people it will bring in.

I'm tired.  Excited to move!

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