Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

Another great and busy week!  We spent several hours last Saturday going on a wonderful hike with some of our tour guide friends.  We went up to Torrey Pines and hiked in the pine trees there that only grow in two places in the world.  We decided that that is a very fun way to do missionary work!  We were able to talk and walk and had a great time.  It was a beautiful day and we totally enjoyed the company and the weather.  One of the ladies is from Russia and was a mail order bride 15 year ago.  She had been married before and had two daughters.  They were living in Russia and the marriage ended badly.  She decided that they need to get out of Russia so she accepted the offer to come to American and marry another Russian living here.  They are going through a bad divorce and she is devastated again.  We are hoping to help her.

I am now the official Recording Secretary of the Professional Tour Guides Association of San Diego. Cool huh?  I am not really sure all that I will be doing.  But it will give us more opportunities to be helpful and learn more about how to help the tourism industry know about the Mormon Battalion.  We will have monthly meetings and be able to go on tours with the other tour guides.  I was able to get our next meeting to be held at the Mormon Battalion next week.  That is good because we will be able to get many of the guides in our doors and through our tour and they will bring their tours here.  The greatest thing we feel we are doing with this group though has nothing to do with tourism.  We have made many friends there.

We were able give tours on Tuesday.  The day always goes fast when we can do the tours.  It is so much fun to be able to get to know the guests and feel their hearts.  We had to stay until 7 so that the sisters could go to a meeting where they learned how to engage the members of the ward in missionary work.  They came back so excited to get members involved.  Members are used to praying for the missionaries that they will be led to those who have been prepared for the Gospel.  I know that you have done that - I have.  But now we are being asked to ask that WE can be inspired as to who we should lead to the missionaries so that they can teach our friends with our help.  The hastening of the work doesn't have as much to do with the expanded missionary force as it does with the involvement of each of us members.  They need the extra missionaries because we will be bringing them people to teach.  Right now there are a lot of missionaries and not enough teaching going on.  Who do you know?  If no one comes to mind pray to have the Lord give you missionary opportunities.  This is His work and He will help you.

The directors of the Mormon Battalion invited all of us Senior Couples over to their place for dinner one night this week.  It was so good!  It was fun to just sit and talk and not be rushed.  When we are at the Battalion there is always something else going on and we don't get to just relax much with each other.  Of course we had to do it in two shifts because someone always as to be on shift at the Battalion from 9 - 9.  We keep thinking that we could all be together after 9 but we are always too tired to start playing that late.  Sister Barnes cooked the best steak I have ever had.  She said that they hand pick the steaks from the store and look for marbling.  They then cover them with Grey Poupon Dijon mustard, sprinkle on Kosher salt, garlic salt and coarsely chopped pepper.  They leave that on for several hours.  Then they broiled in under the broiler in the oven.  They were amazing.

We are sitting here waiting for our children to come home!  Three of the sisters who have gone home from their missions since we have been here are coming to visit for the weekend and they will be staying here tonight.  It will so fun to see them.  They will be here for the night, get up early and exercise with the sister tomorrow morning and come by tomorrow night for the farewell we are having for three more sisters who are going home Tuesday.  We love them like our own and are excited to hear how things are going for them since leaving.  Sleepover!

We got three boxes in the mail today!  Happy days!  Thanks so much for remembering us!  We love you and challenge you to get involved in this wonderful hastening of the work!

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