Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014

Wow! What a day!  But first I'll start with the ret of the week.  Wow!  What a week!

Elder Weber and Elder Wendel at our apartment for Roger's wonderful crepes!  We sure do love these elders!

Sister Brown - one of our wonderful returned Sister missionaries came back for a visit!

Cameron and Kami ready for the waves! We had a beautiful sunny day at the beach!

Cameron and Kami - cute!

Cameron and Kami with us in San Clemente!  Thanks for the visit!

We have had visits from several of the returned sister missionaries from our mission!  Oh it was fun to see them.  We love these girls and love to see them.  We also had a visit from Kathy Chamberlain our dear friend from home.  Her husband was out here for meetings.  It was so much fun to catch up on all of our ward members and friends.  But the best visit was from Cameron and Kami!  They brought along Nate and his wife Sarah.  I jus felt like hugging them both forever - it felt so good to hold them.  We met at our favorite bagel place for breakfast.  We stopped at our friends home there is San Clemente and borrowed a few boogie boards for playing at the beach, stopped at Walmart for a volleyball and then on to the beach for a wonderful day!   It was warm and was so much fun to play with them and talk to them.  We went to the pier and had a yummy dinner there and stopped by the shops in San Clemente to be tempted a bit.  I just wish we could have been with them longer!  But then it wouldn't ever be long enough.

We had to work extra the first half of the week in order to have Thursday off with Cam and Kami so we put in some pretty full days at the Mormon Battalion.  That means we don't get as much time in the ward.  The Battalion has been busier this week too.  Spring breaks from UVU, Arizona, St. George etc were this last week and that fills up our tours.  It is fun!  It makes the time fly by and we get to meet so many wonderful people.

We were able to get to the temple this week.  I went to the front desk and my recommend was expired.  They called someone and let me through - I think mostly because I am a missionary.  I guess we will have to get in and get it renewed by the Mission President.  I didn't even think to check it.  The San Diego temple is so beautiful and we love going there.  There are flowers blooming all over.

We have received a new Elder's Quorum president in our ward and he has called some dynamic people as councilors.  They are on fire and really making a difference in the ward.  They have started visiting people in the ward.  They meet every Thursday night and the Elders and us come, along with the other ward missionaries and we are going to start visiting ward members and investigators.  Roger went with them a couple of weeks ago and it was great.  The Elder's split with the ward members too.  We are excited to see how this affects the missionary work in the ward.  It has already made a difference.  So now we have Wednesday nights with our scripture class and Thursday nights with visiting.

Saturday was our Ward RS Birthday dinner.  Boy they did a great job.  The tables were each decorated by a different sister.  They each had a theme and were done so darling.  We had quiche  and fruit with a birthday cake and then had a great speaker from the stake.  I had two ladies that were supposed to come with me and one of them cancelled just before I was leaving to go get her.  Always disappointing when someone cancels.

Monday was the golf tournament.  It was a long busy day but it felt good when we went home.  We went early to help set things up and register the golfers.  They were all there to support the 4th grade program to bring the kids to Old Town for their history units.  People were generous and happy.  I was able to greet the golfers, tell them how pleased we were that they were supporting the kids and tell them the different ways they could spend more money besides the entry fee they had already paid!  They could buy raffle tickets for different prizes, there was a helicopter drop where 1000 balls were dropped from the helicopter on to the course and the one that was closest to the hole or in the hole won $1000.  You could buy a ball for $5.  They also could buy Mulligans for $5 each.  One of the senior couples donated his Harley Davidson to the cause and they sold tickets to win that for $50 a piece.  I think that I was there to help them gamble their money.....  Really people freely bought all of those things because the real cause was the kids and if they won it was secondary.  After they were all registered we were stationed out on a course to help with the different contests that they were doing.  It was nice to be there and to talk to each set of golfers as they came through.

We had to leave early from the tournament in order to get to the Mormon Battalion.  We had the 3-9 shift last night.  Three of the couples were involved at the golf tournament all day so that only left two couples to run the Mormon Battalion.  It was a fun evening again meeting so many interesting people and enjoying the girls.  Another on of the returned sister missionaries surprised us with a visit and it was so fun.  We love these girls and miss them so much when they are gone.

Today has been a great day of sleeping in, swimming for me and surfing for Roger, washing clothes, cleaning the apartment and goofing off.  Those days are few and far between but so much fun.

Off to the races...............

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