Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13, 2014

Its that time again to write and it seems I just got through writing the last post.  Well it was an interesting week.  It was our first full week without the Mormon Battalion.  We really miss that place but we are beginning to realize that it was just a place but that we can move on.  It is just a bit challenging as to what we really should do.  We are looking at getting involved in the office.  There are two couples there and they are the hardest working couples in the mission.  We will most likely be going in there a couple of mornings each week to help out there.  We also are looking at becoming ordinance workers at the San Diego Temple.  They need more help there and we would love to do that.  Family History work is always on my mind and I am sure that we will get to help out in that capacity in some way or another.  All of this is awaiting approval from the mission president and the stake president that we have been assigned to.  We have a meeting with the bishop today and will talk to him about what he might want us to do in the ward.  All still up in the air........

I guess we were able to stay fairly busy anyway this week.  We went to the mission office on Monday and helped buy 5 new cars for the mission and then drive them back to the mission home.  I was glad that I didn't wreck them on their maiden voyages.  That took many hours to drive there, sign papers, drive back with two cars to the office.  Get a ride back to the dealership and drive back two more cars and then drive back just by ourselves and drive back the last car.  That night we were in charge of the Senior Couple's Family Home Evening.  We had Roger's best friend Don Elm and his brother come and present the program.  Don's brother Bruce has spent over 30 years studying the Mormon Trail and has pictures and stories in detail of where they went and what happened.  It was great and all of the couples loved it.  It is such a great group of good people that we associate with.  There were over 40 people there that night.  We really appreciated Don and Cheryl going to the effort to do this for us.

We went to the temple to do another couple's Visitor Center assignment but when we got there they had decided to come anyway and forgot to tell us.  So we did a temple session.  We had an ushering assignment that night at the Old Globe Theatre and were able to meet good people and do a bit of missionary work while there.  And then of course, we got to see the play.  All great stuff.  We were able to go with the tour guides on a walking tour on Wednesday of Ocean Beach.  It is a great part of town that was the hippy section of San Diego in the 60's.  The guide told lots of stories of how things were and we were able to walk around town - again with lots of people that we are beginning to make good relationships with and do a bit of missionary work.  Walking tours are great for that.  We ended up at the Farmer's Market that they have each Wednesday in Ocean Beach.  I got my mini doughnuts freshly made and shaken in cinnamon sugar!  Yummmm.  That night was our scripture class and it ended up only being one of the ward members and us.  We were able to have some good conversations about her inactive husband and what we can do to help out there.

One of the ward members has been needing help with Family History and we have struggled together because I just am not that good with Family Search so we decided to go to the Family History Center and get some help.  Roger came along too and it was a good day.  Cheri was able to get many cards to go to the temple with for her ancestors.  Thursday night was the Ward Endowment night and we were able to go to a session with ward members.  Not very many people come but it is good to be with the ones that do come.  We love the people in our ward.  Friday was visiting day for us and we really were able to get some good things accomplished.  It really isn't the most fun thing to go and knock on doors of people who are not attending.  Most of them aren't really happy to see us but some are and that makes it all worth it.  We went to see Paul who has been a member for many years but inactive for a lot of those years.  We stayed over 3 hours and he talked and talked.  We really got to understand his challenges and know his heart better.  It was good and we hope we can be helpful with the information that we now have.  We found that many people on our list have moved and most just aren't interested anymore.  That is sad to think of because at one point in their lives they were interested enough to be baptized and now their lives have changed - and usually not for the better.

I joined the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers finally.  I have always thought that it would be a good experience to go but never took the time to apply etc.  The group that meets here is mostly made up of our ward members so it is a good way to be with them too.  We had a meeting on Saturday and then a fun luncheon.  Then we spent the rest of the day searching for lost souls again.  We stopped to visit an inactive member whose wife is not a member.  He was sleeping but she invited us in an talked and talked for about an hour!  She is from the Philippines and was interested that Mike had gone there on a mission and it gave us something to have in common.

We are excited for today.  The Belliston's arrive here just after our block of meetings and we will take a P day to play with them Monday before they take off on their month long cruise!  It will be fun to have them here.

Please keep praying for us.  We are trying to decide where the Lord wants us and where we will be the most effective.  We don't want to just be busy - we want to do some good.

I love you guys and miss you lots.  We really are lucky to have the great family that we have.  Thanks for your love and prayers and let us know what is going on in your lives - please!

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  1. We had a great time visiting you and all your Mission Companions at the Battalion! It was a fun evening. You already sound like you calendar is super-full. Keep up the good work!