Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15, 2014

What a fun week this has been!  Busy but fun!

Waffle day

This week is finals week at UCSD and that is where the kids at the La Jolla Institute go to school.  So each morning the Institute serves a yummy breakfast and encourages the kids to come get a good meal before taking their tests.  The secretary arrives at 6:00 am but told us to come at 9:00 to help her out when the rush comes.  So each morning we arrived then and washed dishes and tried to keep up with her.  She is an amazing lady who has endless energy it seems.  Monday was waffle day.  We also had all kinds of fruit to put on the waffles, famous buttermilk syrup and juice.  After the rush left, several of the boys at the Institute and the director decided to check out the waves.  The Institute is in a beautiful exclusive La Jolla neighborhood and there is a private beach access that the Institute kids can use.  Of course, Roger had to check the area out too.  They took off for several hours and bonded at the beach.  That's what you do at the Institute - bond with kids - it is hard work!  We went home, got ready to have a part member couple over for hot dogs and games.  It was a good night with them.

 Tuesday was Crepes and Blintz day.  I got Roger involved in making the crepes for awhile and Sister Watts was amazed at what a pro he is.  He had to leave to go teach our other Institute class at Mesa College and I did lots and lots of dishes and tried my hand at the blintzes - crepes with a cheese sauce rolled inside and then friend in butter!  It was a work intensive morning and we were glad to leave to our shift at the Temple Visitor's Center.  And then on to Rubios!  About every other Tuesday you will find us at Rubios for dinner because the fish tacos are THE BEST!  And they are only $1.50 on Tuesdays!

Tuesday night was our new ward's Missionary Correlation Meeting.  Also the new ward's temple sealing assignment, our old ward's temple endowment assignment and a few other things.  We went to the missionary meeting which went on too long to go to any other things and we went home tired and glad to be home.  I had to finish up the write-ups on the Marines that we interviewed by Tuesday night so I spent that evening typing and retyping them.  The Flag Day Celebration was Saturday and I had to get it all in so they could put together the program for that day.  I think that after all of the blood, sweat and tears they turned out good.  I really enjoyed that assignment and loved learning about the Marines and their sacrifices for our county.  Bless them.

Wednesday - Cinnamon and Orange Rolls with Tropical
and Strawberry Smoothies
Wednesday was Sweet Rolls and Smoothie day.  Sister Watts made the dough and rolled out the rolls the night before - put them in the refrigerator and they finished rising in the fridge.  She just pulled them out of the fridge a half hour before cooking the next day  - beautiful sweet rolls!  Good trick.

I dropped off Roger at the mission office after the Institute and went to visit a lady in our new ward.  She had hip surgery a while ago and was doing physical therapy after and broke her leg.  I took her several books and some yarn and patterns and refreshed her memory on how to crochet.  She just kept saying - "Oh this is just what I needed to do!"  I know how she feels.  Crocheting is my therapy too.  We had a great chat and she had such a great attitude.  It was a nice visit for me and for her and we made fast friends.  She was so grateful for everything.  I was blessed by her and the opportunity to visit with her!

 I went back and picked up Roger and we went to visit another man from our new ward.  He is an African American and is about 60 years old.  He told us his life story and how he was raised by his mom for a year and then she decided she didn't want to raise him anymore so she called his grandma and told her to come get him.  He was raised by his grandma until he was 9 and then his mom wanted him back so that she could get money from the government.  She didn't take care of him at all and he was hungry most of the time.  By the time he was 14 he was pretty much on his own and then he ended up joining the Navy and lying about his age so that he could be fed and paid.  His life just went on with challenges over and over again.  Wow, I was amazed at the kind of life he had.  It made me appreciate the good life I have had.  We are all so blessed.  Sister missionaries stopped him on the street several years ago and were persistent.  He is now a member of the church and loves it.  It has changed his life and he is so much happier now.  Again I was blessed to be able to talk to this man.
Thursday - Omlet day with fruit
and juices!  Brother Mackay does the
cooking and the kids love it!

Thursday is Omlet day!  The favorite day if you poll the students.  Brother Mackay - the director of the Institute cooks the omelets made to order.  There is everything you could imagine that could go on an omelet in little dishes and the kids choose what they want, he sautés it up, dumps it on a plate, cooks the eggs, puts the sautéd stuff back on the omelet and folds it.  All the while it gives him an opportunity to talk individually with each student as he cooks.  It kept us busy cutting, cooking bacon and sausage, making hash browns, washing dishes etc.  Roger had to go to the Mesa College Institute Class and I stayed until we were done.  Omlet day went on and on.  Kids kept coming and we kept cooking but finally about 1:00 we called it quits.  Our little Institute class has had 4 kids in it the last two times and Roger feels it is going good.  He loves teaching it.  We are teaching the Pearl of Great Price.  What a great bunch of scriptures!  Try it - you'll like it!

Cheddar, Pepper Jack Cheeses, a
mild Jalapeño pepper,
ham, sausage.....
Bacon, green onions, zucchini, sour
cream, colored peppers.....
Green peppers, onions, tomatoes, salsa, cilantro
broccoli, mushrooms, cucumbers, squash......
The Finished Product!
We worked at the mission office on Thursday and got lots accomplished there.  I have been retyping into a computer program all of the cell phones and giving them new codes.  There has to be monitoring of the cell phones and when and how much the missionary use them.  If they talk after 10:30 there is a report - if they talk longer than normal there is a report.  It really is amazing all that has to be done and monitored!  I helped with getting the mail and boxes into the proper zone's bins so that they can go out to missionaries on P days.  Roger helped with cars and shopping for the needs of the missionaries.

Here is Roger - bonding again with the kids.  Hard work!
 Friday at the Institute was Frittatas and Leftovers.  Many of the kids had already finished finals and left for home but there still were some stragglers hanging around.  The Frittatas are kinda like a quiche but without a crust.  It was made by putting a bunch of whipped up eggs and all of the leftovers from the omelets into a pan and cooking it like a casserole.  It was really good and quite easy.  We had left over bacon, sausage, made some applesauce bread with leftover applesauce and leftover chocolate chips and nuts, left over fruit and juices and anything else that was hanging out in the fridge.  The Institute is basically closed for the next week or so so everything had to be eaten up.  It was!  The afternoon was spent at the office helping out there.  We stopped on the way home and picked up a pizza.

Ward ladies at the shower.  Love them.
 Saturday started with doing a bit of house cleaning and laundry - we kinda missed our P-day on Monday.  I took off to a shower for one of the ladies in our ward and rushed home.  I have been making a quick and easy crocheted blanket for those who have babies in the ward and everyone really loves them.

Then Stacia and Jeneca came!!!  It was so much fun to hug them.  It felt so good.  We talked for a bit and then went over to La Jolla beach to relax a bit.  I think we all got a nap.  Sadly, the only picture I took of them was this one napping on the beach.  I can't believe I didn't get one of us together!  We drove them over to check on the Institute and show it to them and then we had to run home, change and get to the Flag Day Celebration at the Mormon Battalion.

We were able to greet the Marines that we had interviewed the last few weeks.  What great men they are and it was so fun to see them and interact with them again.  They were so impressed with the whole Flag Day Celebration and were in tears with being honored.  They had a program with entertainment, a wonderful speech, more entertainments and then honoring the Marines and telling a bit about them.  We feel blessed to have been able to be a part of this event.

Our Marines that we interviewed.  We were able to sit in their homes and interview them and learn their stories, feel
their pride at their service and understand their service.  God bless them!
Presenting the colors
Stacia and Jeneca came toward the end of it and then we were able to go out to dinner with them before they took off for home.  It was good to be able to spend a bit of time with them.

It is now Sunday.  Nothing new this Sunday.  Church then home for a great meal of leftovers from last nights dinner with Stacia and Jeneca.  We just got to FaceTime with Quinn, Kayley and darling little Mila!  The highlight of the day for sure!  Thanks for Father's day cards Quinn and Heather's family!  We love you all!

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