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July 27, 2014

Grandpa's crepes!  
We made it through the week!  Lots of classes and lots of lesson planning but we did it!  Monday was a play day with Brett, Jen and kids.  We went to the beach just down the street from the Institute.  It is nice there because it is a private access so there just aren't as many people there.  Yup, we are spoiled being here at the Institute!  We were able to borrow a surf board from someone here at the Institute and Cayden was able to try his hand at surfing We also borrowed boogie boards for every one else.  It was a nice day to play in the beach.  Not too hot with a nice little breeze.  We then went home and showered and met them for dinner in Old Town and on to the Mormon Battalion.  What a fun day with everyone!  We just love going to the Battalion and hugging our girls there too!  San Diego weather ahhhhhhhhhh.
Cayden going out to catch some

Tuesday was a busy day with a small group at 10:00 with Mesa College, another small 2:30 class at  UCSD and then a big class at the Institute building here in La Jolla that evening.  Oh my goodness, I have gained so much respect for Seminary and Institute teachers!  It is such a challenge to teach that many different things and have them all in your mind at the same time.  I have to admit that I goofed up a bit and taught things from other lessons but hey, it is all the gospel right?  Tuesday night the kids came over and we had some great card games.  Oh it is so fun to have family around.  We get to feeling like we are a bit forgotten and alone out here!  While we were teaching the classes we sent Brett and family to the cruise of the bay and to the aircraft carrier museum and got them on for free with connections we have made here.  We actually broke tradition by NOT going to Rubio's for fish tacos on Tuesday.  We will have to remedy that next week.

Our personal recital! 
We played hooky a bit on some of the things that we do here to spend more time with the kids.  Brett, Roger and kids went to the beach again and I made Jen go with me to take one of the ladies from our ward to a doctor appointment.  While she was in her appointment. we went to a fun lunch at California Pizza Kitchen!  We took her back home and got some real pampering getting a pedicure (my first while here!) and Cold Stone!  What fun!  I felt like a real girl for a few hours.  It was so nice to have time to catch up with Jen and enjoy her.  We had to say goodbye to them that evening and it was sad to see them go.  We had our own personal recital with Cayden and Ellie before they left.  Quick but fun visit.  Thanks guys!
Ellie singing and playing!

Thursday was two more classes.  We went all prepared to teach the Thursday morning class and no one showed up.  Everyone at the office kept saying it was probably because it was Pioneer Day??  That is a joke because no one really knows about that in San Diego or celebrates it but it consoled us a bit.  The good thing about that is that we are all prepared for Tuesday's class!  We stayed and helped at the office until I had to leave and go to a doctor appointment and Roger had to leave to teach our Thursday afternoon class.  He was able to take one of the mission cars so that we could could two different directions and not leave one stranded.  It made a big difference.  After my appointment, I was supposed to meet with Maurie whose son tried to commit suicide last week but she ended up canceling.  We met Maurie through the tour guide association and have a great friendship with her.  She has always said that she could never be a Mormon but that she admires us and how we live.  She asked us to have the missionaries teach her son who is mildly autistic and needs friends.  So he has been having them over for awhile and has attended church.  He then moved to Escondido - away from his mom and has started smoking pot and not seeing missionaries.  He drove to a public place last week, got out of his car and slit his wrists and stabbed himself in the stomach!  He lived because he did it in such a public place.  What is interesting is when Maurie found out about her son one of the first people she called was us and wanted me to pray for her and to have "those people in the temple pray too".  I had told her a bit about the prayer circle and how we put names in there.  She knows where power is and comes from.  That felt good.  We relaxed that night, took a walk around this beautiful place we are staying in and played some Rummicub!

Friday an interesting day!  Nothing is as consistent as change they say!  Well our mission seems to be a living example of that principle.  Things are going to change a lot for us soon.  We had an appointment with the Mission President at noon.  I know, you aren't supposed to guess what he wants to talk to you about but of course we did.  We thought that he wanted us to bridge the gap between the office couple who will be leaving in August and the new one that is coming to replace them in September.  Some how Salt Lake goofed a bit and the office really can't go with out someone doing their jobs.  The wife is in charge of all of the finances, referrals and needs of the missionaries.  The husband is in charge of all of the apartments, furnitures, supplies, cell phones etc.  But instead of asking us to bridge the gap he asked us to take over those duties after the one leaves in August!
Left of me is Sister Painter, then Sister Van Orman, then
Sister Brown and Sister Van Alfen.
The new couple that is coming has expressed their lack of computer experience and their desire to do other things.  So we are gong to take over those duties and the mission president said that he would have the other couple help us when they get here so that we can still work with some of the people that we are helping in our wards.  No - this isn't a job we aspired to.  We went to the office to help out because we felt sorry for those that worked there because it is hard work and they seem so over worked.  We even talked about telling the mission president no if he asked us to do that.  We both feel that you do what you are asked to do by someone in authority so I don't think we would really ever say no but - we talked about it.  But when he asked it feels like we should do it.  We have been blessed with wonderful assignments and we have totally loved all we have been asked to do.  I don't doubt that we will love this too.  We just have to have the right attitude!  We are bound and determined to love it.

From left to right around the table
 - Elder Brown, Elder Van Alfen, Roger,
Elder Painter, Elder Van Orman
That night we had a Member and Leadership Support Missionaries dinner.  We meet together to talk about what we do because we have such a different calling and we get good ideas from each other.  We also really have enjoyed these people and love meeting with them.  They are great cooks too!  We usually split up with men at one table and the women at the other.  It is easier than to try to talk with 12 people and we each get to learn different things from our group and then share with each other.  We will miss them.  Three of the couple leave in August and September and one leaves in November.

The missionaries praying before a service project.
We inspected apartment of the missionaries on Saturday morning.  I do the sister's apartments and Roger does the elders.  One of the sister companionships asked if I would drive them to a service project they were having that day after I inspected their apartment.  They don't have a car and would have to walk an hour to get there if I didn't take them!  And they don't even complain - they just do it.  I took a picture as the group of sisters and elders were praying before they took off for service.  What a group of great kids!  I just love their commitment to service and love and give the credit to the Lord!  Humbling!

The Institute - If you look closely you can see Roger
walking down the steps from our
apartment above the Institute
Our Sunday was packed full of church meetings, good people, lessons, hugging etc.  We put a roast in the crock pot before we left and had a wonderful "Sunday roast".  Oh it tasted so good.  We were able to eat out on the deck of our little swanky apartment that we are in for about another week.  I took some pictures of the outside.  I will take more this week so you can see how spoiled we are.  Ryan and Tenille come this week so they will also be able to use our apartment while here.  And then we will have to go back to our little place.  We have enjoyed being so close to the students in the Institute here and being able to go on walks around the millions and millions of dollar houses around here.  There is actually one 35 million dollar home a few blocks away and another 25 million dollar one.  All of the rest are over 3 million.

Our little Sunday dinner on the porch!

Well by next week at this time we will probably we a bit nuts trying to figure out all that we are supposed to be doing at the office.  We do have about a month until the couple leaves so we should be able to get up to speed by then.  It will be a change - a big one for us.  We will have more evening time but will be busy all day long doing office stuff.  Wish us luck and keep praying for us!

The church is true!  I love the gospel and the spirit that testifies of it.  There is just joy and happiness in the service of the Lord.

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