Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 15, 2014

SNOW?  I am hearing that there is snow in Utah.  It is 70 degrees here today.  We are planning a short trip to the beach and meeting with the other couples we serve with in the office for lunch in a outdoor restaurant that over looks La Jolla shores this afternoon.  Amazing the difference in the weather in just a 10 hour car ride!

Me and Julie
Julie and John at Ruby's Diner
This week has been a quiet week and I am not sure that I have a lot of interesting things to say about it.  We think that we are seeing the pattern of the office.  It is really crazy before during and after transfers.  Then the week in the middle of transfers, things get slower and it is time to gear up for the crazy times.  I have enjoyed being to think through the harder problems and put some of the things in order that have not been that way before now.  We have cleaned out junky places, thrown out lots and lots of stuff that has been sitting around for years and years and it feels good.  Lots of the preset rents and utilities on the computer system we use were put in wrong so I have had time to correct those things so that it all will run smoother when the crunch time comes.  We are bracing for the next "storm" (luckily not a snow storm...burrr!) and have loved the lull.

Julie - we sat and talked in Balboa Park
We have enjoyed not having tons of stuff to do at night and have been able to rest up in the evenings. I have even been able to get a swim in several of the evenings this week.

I did have a fun treat this week - my dear friend from high school - Julie Doolittle and her husband were here on business and we were able to spend several hours together on Thursday.  We met them for hamburgers at Ruby's Diner and then Julie and I were able to catch up for a couple hours after without the men to disturb our talking!

Our little scripture study class was in our apartment again this week.  I really do love it when they come here instead of us having to go out.  It was nice to have the sweet spirit of the class here in our home.  The group was small - only five of us but it was nice to be able to talk more intimately and answer questions better.  There is a nice bond between us all in the group and I will miss these people when we are done.
Institute forum lunch

We were able to get away on Friday and go visit the kids at the La Jolla Institute for their Friday Forum.  Each Friday the secretary there at the Institute fixes a great meal for all of the students and then they have a little spiritual meeting.  It costs the kids a whopping $3 and it is the best deal in town.  Sister Watts goes all out and it has alway been wonderful.  She has the kids help her with the meal so that they can learn how to cook along the way.  She made her own hamburger rolls, crock pot shredded pork, a wonderful grilled vegetable dish with sweet potatoes in it, a great salad, sliced apples with a dip and then a yummy fudgy dessert.  It was great to interact with the students.  Roger even got in a few ping pong games before we had to take off and get back to work.  We miss being there with the students.

Ping ponging!
Well, it is now the end of the day and we have had a good Saturday!  A new senior couple just arrived this afternoon so we met them at their apartment and took them their key.  They were called to go to India on their mission and last week in the MTC they told them that there was a problem with their visa and that it could be until the first of the year before the visa comes through.  So they gave them the choice to go home and wait or come out to our mission and help us here.  The problem with going home is that they don't have a place to stay.  They have rented out their home and are homeless!  So they are excited to be in San Diego and do what they can to help out here.

The office gang at Carolyn's.
Then we took off to Carolyn's.  It is a little cafe that overlooks the beach that we have been hearing about for most of our mission but never have gone.  It actually was very good, the prices weren't bad and the ambiance was fabulous!  We'll go again.  It was a beautiful day and it was just so nice to be with our office friends in a relaxing atmosphere.
Setting up for a wedding!

We were hurried off at the end because they were getting ready for a wedding and needed us out of there!  What a beautiful place for a wedding.  You can see the chairs that they have set up for the wedding in this picture.  Pretty cool huh?
This is what I am getting next time!  Butternut
squash with grilled cheese sandwich.  Yumm!

Well off and running to another week.  We have some fun things tomorrow.  Roger's friend from his childhood, Don and his wife Cheryl will be coming in to see their kids that live here in San Diego and we have invited them to come for dinner here and then we are going to go to a fireside.  Alex Boye is in town and has been doing youth dances the last few nights and then will be giving a fireside tomorrow night.  We are excited to hear him and be with the Elms.

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