Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31, 2015

              Do you want to hear the good stuff or the bad stuff?  

I'll start with the bad stuff.  This week was a real bust because both Roger and I got sick.  The good part about that is that Roger was only sick for a few days.  The bad part about that is that I am still sick.  Each day this week we basically got up, went to work and stuck it out for as long as we could and then came home and tried to rest until we had to start over the next day.  I have been really blessed so far on our mission and have felt better than I have in a very long time.  I guess I was about due to be sick!  This one has been a bugger.  Luckily is was a slow week at the office.  

The best part of the week was Tenille and Ryan.  They got some cheap prices on their flights so they flew in on Wednesday and just flew out tonight (Saturday).  They stayed with us here and slept on our futon.  We made them play games with us in the evenings, went to dinner with them a few times and really enjoyed them.  I was a total poop but they just played on without us.  Sadly it was the first week since we have been here where there was a whole week of cloudy days!  Today, finally sun peaked out a bit to say hit just before they took off.  They packed in a lot in the few days they were here.  They got to the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, went to the Aquarium,  went to dinner with their friend who works at a fire station, we had a few meals with them at some of our favorites, went whale watching and got to see lots of lots of whales and even slept in until 10 am one morning.  They made an otherwise really awful week a lot more fun for me.  Love you guys!

Today was the Mormon Battalion Commemoration in Old Town.  It is always a great event and lots of fun.  It was so great for me to be able to see all of my Mormon Battalion "daughters"!
All of our missionaries from three zones were invited to dress up and march in
the parade at the starting of the event.  I made them get lined up so we could
get pictures of them.  I love these guys.  We are so
lucky to know them and love them!
 We were supposed to be there at 7 am and help set everything up, hang out all day and be hosts and then help tear everything down at 3pm.  Roger went at 7am but I came later.  We lasted till around 1pm and then we got a ride home.  Just no energy and still achey and bad stomach.  I am getting really tired of being sick.

Sister Dunaway, me and Sister Owens

President Schmitt
and Roger

Sister Baker and Sister Kennedy
 We had a real surprise visit that I was glad I was there to witness.  I was looking around and saw Elder Jeffry R. Holland show up.  His brother Dennis Holland is very involved in California LDS history and works in many different ways to help with Public Affairs in Southern California.  He has helped get a documentary of the Mormon Battalion "More Precious than Gold" produced.  It is used in the MB site to help give more details of the story.  He was given an award today and Elder Holland came to support him.  I snapped a picture of him as soon as I saw him.  I turned to tell the lady I was standing by to look over there and by the time we looked back I couldn't even see him.  He had been swarmed by all of the people there.  He was very gracious but didn't want to make it all about him.  He wanted it to be Dennis's day.
Elder Holland as he arrived

We found out that they have finally called a couple to replace us.  They won't be coming until the end of March though.  At least that is what their papers say.  We will call them and see if that is really when they are coming.  If it is, we will probably not be coming home until a week into April.  It will take us at least a week to train them.

Well, here's to praying that I will feel better soon and be back to doing what I love - being a missionary.  I have been so blessed to feel better than I have in a very long time while being here.  I am being reminded that I should be grateful for feeling good!  Nothing like being sick to help you appreciate feeling good!  I will leave you with a few picture from todays event.
The beginning of
the parade
Elder Holland being

Elder Holland poses
 with missionaries

Elder Holland wanted to
have a picture with
the kids
Elder and Sister Soffe
They leave this
next week. :(
Roger, me, Bart
and Cheri

Cooking biscuits on a stick!

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