Sunday, March 29, 2015

Friday's Farewell Party! March 27, 2015

Many of the ward members got together and threw a "Surprise Farewell Party" for us!  Last week we had several people come up to us and tell us that they were sorry that they wouldn't be able to come to our party on Friday so we started to figure out that something had been planned....

It was a great evening that was so sweet for us.  We will remember it always.  Here are the pictures!
Quintin - the best Elder's Quorum president

Randal, Bart and Frank

The Rizzos

Cheri and Veronica in the kitchen

Marco Gastello and Diana Trefflich

Lynn Reeves

Elsa Gastelo 

My mission mom and dad
Brother and Sister Guyman

Claire Smith

Rita, Gilbert, Mark, Frank and Debbie


Julie, Claire, Guymans and Carol

Debbie, Frank and Roger


Knorrs, Rita and missionaries

Elder Bird

Gail, Donna, Isabel and Diana

Sister Fisher and the TWINS - Diana and Donna

Sister Fisher and the Rizzos

Rita and Frank

Bart, Elder Bird and Elder Egnew

Me and Frank - Frank thinks this looks like he has a great idea!
Not possible!

Roger, Brother Fisher and Bishop Sanders
Seated are Brother Guyman and the Towers


Isabel's darling

Debbie Donavan and Me- with Bart
photo bombing

The Welcome sign to our party - love it!

A bad selfie of Veronica and me

JoAnn and Cheri with Bart falling asleep sitting up.
He got up at 3:30 am to get the burritos cooking
before he went to work.

Carol and Monique

Bart - sleeping again - kinda

Tim Tower

Vicki Tower, Joanne LaForti and Monique Frazier

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