Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14, 2014

Elder Wendell - he served with us in
our ward for almost 8 months.
 He was transferred this week.
We will miss him!
Sister Palmer served in the YSA ward
that we helped out with this summer.
She went home to Farmington.
I am so glad she lives close enough
to see her after our mission.  
I want to be like Nephi!  Our Senior
Couple FHE

Well it was a wonderfully busy week this last week and this week has been even busier - hence the late post - sorry.  This will have to be short because I don't have a lot of time now.  Last week started with our Senior Couple Family Home Evening.  One of the Senior Sisters has written some wonderful poems and songs and she
entertained us all and even got us all participating with balloons made into swords and the sword of Nephi.

Tuesday was full of saying goodbye to many of our dear missionaries.  It was transfer week so the older missionaries went home, we got new ones, our ward elder got transferred out etc.  Changes, changes, changes.  Wow It is hard to get used to it.  All of those changes have to be planned meticulously by the Assistants to the President and the Mission President.  This was our new President's first transfer and he worked extra hard to make sure it was right.  I have been amazed as different things have come out that makes us know that the Lord is in the details of the mission.  One missionary has been waiting for a visa for over 6 months.  He is going to Brazil.  His visa finally came through and he will be leaving in 4 weeks.  Unknown to us, his new companion happens to have been raised in a home where they spoke Portuguese.  He will be able to study his language and brush up on it while waiting the last bit of his time here.

Good bye to Elder Cena
We have been madly changing all of our lists so that the mail will go to the right zone instead of the previous zone, so we know what phone number to call to get in touch with each missionary, what car they are driving etc.  We have said goodbye to many of our "favorites".

Transfer meeting - all of the missionaries who are
getting new companions or changing areas
come to the meeting packed and ready to
drive off to where ever the Lord calls them!
During all of these changes and long hours at the office, at transfer meetings etc. we have had six lessons to teach this week again.  The director of the Institute was gone again this week so we had all of his classes to teach plus ours.  We actually love teaching but it is so hard to find time to give to prepare.

Roger and Ron enjoying a good laugh!  Something
about snorkels......?
Sunset over La Jolla shores just a short walk from
our temporary abode.
We had Ron and Linda Snowden come to visit us this week too!  How good it was to see them and hug them!  It made us feel so good to know that we aren't totally forgotten.  Linda brought me some fun new clothes to wear!  What a fun treat that was.  We weren't able to take them everywhere we would have liked to because we had to play missionaries during the day but they let us play with them in the evenings and even came to church with us.

One of the new Senior Couples who will be coming to work in the office in a month, came out to train for a week with the couple that is leaving next week.  So we were able to have Elder Knorr come hang out with us too.  It is fun to note that Elder Knorr's wife is really good friends with my cousin Jane!  Small world.  We are looking forward to getting to know them better and serve with them in the office.

Beaching it with Ron and Linda!

So we are already into Thursday of this week.  We have been busy catching up at the office and in the ward, moving out of our wonderful fairy tale apartment in La Jolla and back into our little home back in reality, learning more, serving more, teaching classes, preparing one of the ladies I have been working with to go to the temple next week, helping with a lady who I love greatly who suffers with depression, ushering at the Old Globe theatre etc.  Not much time until tonight to sit and type.

Things should be slowing down a bit this week.  Cameron and Kami come next week!  Can't wait to see them.

The three Stooges!  Elder Trotter on the left giving the
instruction and Roger and Elder Knorr listening

Ron and Linda Snowden came to visit!  We invited Elder
Knorr to have Roger's famous crepes with us at
the La Jolla apartment.

Roger's new home away from home.

Homemade bread is a must for class!
Some of our Institute class

"Into the Woods" at the Old Globe
theatre.  Great play! 

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