Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014

Roger enjoying talking to kids
out on our "veranda".
What a great, fun, busy week!  We had Cameron and Kami here with us for most of the week and took every advantage and minute we had that we weren't working and played with them.  Besides having Cameron win almost every game we played with them we had a great time!

Of course we took them to the Mormon Battalion and got the official photo taken there.  Cameron was able to be the star of the show and be the soldier!  We make everyone play that game when they come to the Battalion with us.  He was a good sport.

Soldier Cameron
We went to dinner several times, to the beach a bunch of times and played lots of games in the evenings.  We took them to the private access beach by the La Jolla Institute and it fast became our favorite place to hang out!  There are hardly any people there and the other beaches were wall to wall people, umbrellas and towels.  The water is so clear there and we had a great time.  I even got in the water a lot and played on the boogie boards with them and enjoyed it.

Kami and Cameron - volleyball!
Cam and Kami didn't get the benefit that Heather, Brett and Ryan's family did by being able to stay in our place without us.  We are now out of the kooshy Institute apartment and back in to our cosy little apartment. So they had to sleep on our futon.   We would wake up each morning and quietly try to get ready, eat breakfast and slip out to be to the office by 8:00 am.  Then we would see how things were going at the office and slip away if we were caught up on things.  The other couple that we are replacing isn't gone yet so we were able to get away several days early!  Yay!
They found a Tiki pole and of course, had
to get on top of it!  

Then of course, they had to jump
off of it!

We went to several yummy spots to eat and really enjoyed playing more than we have in awhile.  Roger especially like the fact that the beach was their favorite place to go!  That meant that he had to be a good host and take them there.   Thanks Cameron and Kami!  What a fun week!

We only have two days left with the Trotters and then we are on our own.  We really feel that it is time for them to let us see if we can do it by ourselves.  They are tired and have worked so hard at making the office run smoothly that they are more than excited to be back home living a more normal life.  But at the same time they are having a hard time turning things over and are sure we aren't trained well enough to do what they have been doing.  They are probably right but we won't know what we don't know until we take over.

We kept hearing about rent and what a big ordeal it is.  There were two days blocked out to be able to pay rent.  Roger has to put in all of the changes on apartments.  He keeps a list all month of new apartments to add, old apartments to not pay, changes in rent prices etc and then has to make sure they are all in the computer correctly.  With over 151 apartments that can be a bit tedious.  Roger is actually learning the computer - at least enough to get it to do what it needs to do.  I then pay all of those rents.  Mostly by clicking a check box and then clicking "pay".....  It took us about two to three hours to do it.  We are still trying to figure out what we missed!  Maybe we will find out and have big stories about how we messed everything up but it seemed really easy to spend $150,000!

We had a wonderful experience in the temple on Tuesday night!  Veronica, a lady that we have been helping and working with went to the temple for her temple endowment.  Cameron and Kami went with us and were asked to be the witness couple.  What a fun experience it was for me to be there as Veronica's escort and to have Cameron and Kami there as witnesses.  There were many people from our ward there to support Veronica too.  I had some sweet feelings as I sat there with all of those people that I love.  It goes down as one of those miracles of missionary work!

We were able to teach our last two Institute classes Tuesday and Thursday mornings and are going to miss doing that.  We are tired though and really couldn't keep them up with all that we have going on now so we are excited not to have to plan so much.  We had our Scripture class for our ward on Wednesday night and that will keep going.  But one class is easy compared to 6 each week!

We said good bye to Cameron and Kami Friday night.  They left early Saturday morning - 5:30 am! So we hugged them that night and I sat in bed and missed them before they had actually gone home.  What a great time we had!

Lindy, Nate and their darling little girls -
Hannah and Ludy
We woke up Saturday and went to clean the church with the ward.  After we had an appointment to help the Relief Society President in our ward move some furniture around her house with the elders.  Lindy had called earlier that day and said they were in town and would like to meet up with us.  Roger got caught helping an Institute student and so I went by myself to go through a tour with them and then out to lunch!  Oh it was fun to see them!

Soldier Hannah
For those who don't know Lindy, she is my step-sister - Grandma Judy's youngest daughter.  It was fun to catch up and get to know the girls a bit.  They are adorable!

Roger and I got home in the afternoon and sat down for a few minutes and both of us fell asleep!  We didn't realize how tired we both were.  We woke up in enough time to get ready to take our friends Vera and Charles to dinner.  It was Vera's birthday this last week and this was the first time we could find to get together.  We went to a wonderful little fish place on the harbor and had a great time.  Charles asked us about Family History and wants to know if we can help him find out about his grandfather .  That will be fun.  I might need your help Judy.  What do you know about Swiss research?

Well on to church and starting a new week.  We are excited to try this office stuff by ourselves and see if we really know what we have been taught.  Besides work each day we have ushering on Tuesday, a tour guide meeting and scripture class on Wednesday and our last meeting with our MLS group of missionaries on Friday.  Three of them are going home this next month.  We have enjoyed our little group and will miss them!

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