Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17, 2014

I usually write on Sunday but we are really booked up tomorrow and today is not as busy so I will try to get this done now.

We are back to being really busy and you won't hear me complain any more about that.  Now we will complain that we are too busy!  The stake president took us aside on Sunday last week and asked us if we would serve in another ward along with the one we already work with.  That will be good and fun to get to know a bunch more people.  So tomorrow starts at 7am with ward council for the 12th ward, Sacrament meeting at 9, 11 is the 10th ward council meeting, 12 is our missionary coordination meeting, 1 is Sacrament meeting for the 10th ward and then we have to decide if we can get our selves to stay for Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society!  Better take a lunch.  It is a bit overwhelming to think that we can get to know another ward but many of the senior couples have several wards.  I have been going on splits with some of the sister missionaries and one of the ward that they serve in is the 12th ward so I already have a head start on some of them.  At least this time as we start with a new ward, we have a better idea of what worked and didn't in the 10th ward and may not waste as much time at first.  We are starting to know things - sort of.  That's cool!

We have served at the Visitor's Center this week.  It was REALLY hot and not too many people were there to talk to.  It was over 100 degrees there.  I had a little crochet class and taught several sisters in the ward how to crochet an easy blanket.  That was a good time to get to know the hearts of those sisters and be able to help them.  Lives just aren't easy sometimes.  That night I got to go on splits with a sister missionary who had been transferred and it was her last night in her area.  She had been in that area for 8 months and the people had grown to love and respect her.  It was such a sweet experience as she said goodbye and they told her of their love for her and how she had blessed their lives!  We went into the humble homes of so many people who bore testimony and cried.  A real highlight for me to see what one little sister missionary had done in the hearts of so many.

Pete and Karen Belliston came back from their MONTH long cruise on Tuesday.  We had their car parked here for the month and I got to pick them up from the harbor and send them off home.  They looked refreshed and happy.  We just might have to try that one of these days.  Transfers were that day and since we are helping at the office we were all involved in many things that day.  Driving cars, picking up elders from the airport (one straight from the Phillipines!) delivering them to the transfer meeting, etc.  Kind of a crazy exciting time.  The missionaries don't really like to change but they are all excited about the changes at the same time.

We had a belated birthday party that afternoon for a sweet sister in the ward who was in the hospital when her birthday came.  She was so excited that people cared about her and came to it.  She kept inviting people and it was a good event to show her love.

We had the opportunity to have dinner in a wonderful home of a sweet couple in our ward.  They have just returned home from serving a mission and he has just been called to be our assistant ward mission leader.  It was fun to be with them and to see the sun set over the ocean from their backyard.  I usually make sure when I am in California on vacation that I am at a place where I can see the sun set each evening if possible.  I haven't had many opportunities here on our mission to do that.  It was great.

We had our monthly meeting with the other MLS couples this week and that is always good.  We get to relax with each other and learn what the others are doing that we might do in our wards.  We ushered last night at the LaJolla playhouse and saw a wonderful musical.  We get to be with good people while we do that and are able to meet lots of others.

I am sure there is more to tell but there is no more time.  So adios until next week.

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  1. Happy you are back to ATOMIC Busy! Fun times. We were in SD a few days but were wall-to-wall fun with the grandkids. Waved as we zipped down the freeway! Happy Days!