Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Happy!  Happy!  Happy!  We have had three sets of visitors this week and it has been so much fun.

The first visitor we had this week was Landon (our grandson)!  He was here with friends just enjoying California and he actually called and let us see him for several hours.  Does that tell you what wonderful grandparents we are - that we have a grandson who would leave his friends (cute girls and guys) and come spend time with us?!!!  No it really tells you what a great kid Landon is that he knew how much it would mean to us if he came to see us!  Thanks Landon!  We took him to the Battalion where he got the great honor of being our soldier and then out to lunch in Old Town.  After that it was time to meet up with his friends so we took him back to the temple grounds and said goodbye.

 We love going back there and hugging the sisters!

Ready to go out on the town!
The next set of visitors was Abby Tucker, Mimi Rex and Stephanie Contreras!  They are the former Sister Tucker, Sister Rex and Sister Contreras 8 weeks ago and now are back into the real world.  They came back to San Diego for a visit and we were able to have them come stay in our little apartment for a few days.  Two on our futon and one on the couch with one bathroom between the 5 of us!  Our abode turned into a girl's dorm room with four flat irons, various makeup bags, wet swimming suits hanging to dry, towels everywhere etc.  You get the picture.  Interesting and oh so fun to be able to hug them and hear how things are going for them.  They left this afternoon, leaving our apartment feeling so large.

Me and my girls!

Our next happy wonderful group is Mike, Megan and wonderful little Kinley!  What a joy it is to have there here!  They came on Friday and thought that they would go to the beach on Saturday but the weather didn't cooperate so they went to the zoo instead.  We had planned to go to the beach with them but quickly rounded up some people to visit and met up with Mike and family later in the day.  They came to church with us Sunday and came and played games with us at night.  Monday is beach day for sure with a visit to Hodads - a Diner's and Dives favorite.  Tuesday is Disneyland and then a sad farewell!  Little Kinley is a sweet, happy little thing and it is so fun to get to know this older and smarter little girl.  I guess I don't really realize all that we are missing until I see how much people have changed!  
Selfies with Kinley!

The covered wagon at the Mormon Battalion

Mike, Megan and darling little Kinley are here!
In between all of this fun we have been able to do some actual missionary work.  Went to the office a couple of times this week,  did our Visitor's center shift, went on splits with our new ward's leaders, gave a presentation on one of my pioneer ancestors, Jane Vail Johnson at the DUP meeting, was introduced at the La Jolla Institute to the kids and met with the director there to try to better understand how we will be involved there in teaching and mentoring, cleaned the church and went to eight hours of church and meetings on Sunday.  What a great week!  

Off to the beach!  Maybe we can find someone to baptize there!  

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